About Us

History of LilyWorks…..

As a teenager and young adult, I allowed creativity to be a huge part of my life.  It was not unusual for me to be doing all kinds of craft.  I made most of the clothes I wore.  As life became busy, I left most of this behind especially while I was going to nursing school and later working as an RN.   It seemed I had lost my ability to create.  It was reflected even in my own home.  My home did not reflect my personality and my God given creativity.  A few years ago, a prayed a prayer to God asking Him to restore the gift of creativity back to my life.  During this time, different ideas started forming in my mind.  Most of the art pieces I did were simple pallet wood signs, later progressing to paintings on pallet wood as well as other things. 

LilyWorks Developed Over Time…..

I was inspired to call my artwork LilyWorks.  There a scriptural reference concerning the building of Solomon’s temple that mentioned lily work design.   This scriptural passage can be found in  1 Kings 7:21, 22. As a result, I felt led of God to name my art business first LilyWorks and later changed the name to LilyWorks Market Place. 

Meaning Behind the Name…..

There were two columns mentioned in this passage.  These 2 columns  were placed on the porch of the temple.  At very top of each column was a lily work design.  The pillars were 27 feet tall, too high for the human to really enjoy.  Without a doubt, the lily work design was place there for the enjoyment of Jehovah God.  The two pillars were given names which is for sure an unusual act.  The right pillar was named Jachin, meaning “may He establish” and left pillar was named Boaz meaning “in it is strength”.   In the beginning of the conception of LWMP, I did not realize the depth of the meaning of the name.  Later I discovered the purpose of the names of the pillars and the lily work designs at the tops of columns were to give God glory and pleasure.   I knew without a doubt that the forming of this business was definitely a God thing, His blessing was upon it. 

LilyWorks Today…..

So, as I create these art pieces that are available on this site be reminded that first and foremost my efforts are to give God glory and pleasure.  Secondly, they are created for you, the customer to give you great pleasure.  I pray over each one, requesting guidance of Holy Spirit as I paint/create.  I genuinely believe that each creation has the anointing of Lord abiding with it. 

Coming Soon…..

We will be providing a larger variety of products to meet your shopping needs.  We will begin to provide items that are not just handmade, but products that would be great for gifts a friend/family or just to brighten your day!

Giving Back…..

LilyWorks gives 20% of its profits to nonprofits one of which is Terry Williams Ministries.

Thank you…..

Thank you for visiting our website. I pray that you will be blessed as you view past and present works of art and that they will be a true blessing to you. I look forward to hearing from you! 

God Bless You,